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Before & After


  • Barbara

    Barbara wasn't happy with the colour and unsightly fillings in her front teeth and had ten porcelain veneers done to rejuvenate and brighten her smile.

  • Colleen

    Colleen had six porcelain veneers done to her front teeth to improve her smile and the results as you can see were quite dramatic.

  • Elfi

    Elfi had eight porcelain veneers done to makeover her smile. The results, as you can see were dramatic.

  • Heather

    Heather had eight porcelain veneers done to straighten her teeth and give he a whiter, brighter smile.

  • Jackie

    Jackie had not been happy with the look of her teeth for many years, to the point that it prevented her from smiling in social situations. With twelve porcelain veneers her smile was transformed, and she now regularly shows off her smile with confidence!

  • Joel

    Joel had a complete smile makeover with twenty porcelain veneers and now has a fuller, more confident smile.

  • Jonathan

    Jonathan had twenty veneers placed on his upper and lower teeth to straighten his teeth and close the spaces.

  • Pam

    Pam had ten porcelain veneers done to brighten and straighten her smile.

  • Roland

  • Susan

    Susan's smile was transformed with a three-unit bridge and eight porcelain veneers.

  • Toni

    After many years, Toni decided it was time for a smile makeover and had two crowns and eight porcelain veneers done, as well as ZOOM!™ whitening.

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