Aesthetic (or cosmetic) dentistry involves procedures aimed at giving you the best smile possible. With advances in technology and materials, your smile can be transformed in a relatively short period of time, sometimes as short as one week. The results can be quite dramatic such that many clients offer that having cosmetic dentistry has been "life changing."

For Dr. Opler, every client is unique and anything is possible with very few exceptions! With this in mind, stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself what you would change about your smile if there was no consideration of cost, discomfort, or time. Furthermore,

Improve Your Smile

what benefits you might gain from such an improvement – socially, professionally and personally.

If you see the benefits and have a commitment to enhancing your smile, we can help you make an informed decision.

We invite you to make an appointment for a complimentary consultation session to address your individual questions. Using advanced computer imaging, Dr. Opler and his treatment staff will show you first hand the outcome of your recommended procedure.

Dental Aesthetics

You have invested time and energy in your appearance through exercise, diet, and stress reduction; it is a boost to your confidence and self-image. Is that enough? What if you could achieve the perfect smile, too? Today, in our more "aesthetically-minded" society, the technology and expertise essential to achieve "the perfect smile" are now within your grasp!

The benefits of improving your smile – at any age – are powerful. Not only will you smile more, but you will have more reasons to smile. It is no secret that an attractive smile goes a long way to improving one's appearance. The results can be quite dramatic, as you will see in our portfolio.

Our clients have discovered a new outlook that continues to affect their personal, social, and even professional relationships; and it can do the same for you!

Remember, Image starts with a smile!

When you arrive at our studio, your VIP treatment begins! Greeted by our warm and professional staff and the aroma of fresh cut flowers, you will feel and instant sense if relaxation that will linger long after your procedure is complete.

Our intimate surroundings are only the beginning. A menu of complimentary “spa-like” services is at your disposal from beverages and fresh fruit, and paraffin wax treatments. Your visit would not be complete without one of our scented warm towels to refresh and prepare you for the day ahead. After all, this is your day, so indulge yourself.

Our Approach

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